WebSphere Commerce Search Feature

As we all know searching is a feature where we search for a required Product on an Online site which gives a list of the related products. Nowadays the users are going for a simple way of finding the required product on the Commerce sites so they go for the search of a particular term instead of navigating to the required page. So for this, the commerce developers have to create some search-related coding so that the customer will be accessing the site in an easy manner. For this feature in IBM WCS sites, we are using different search tools like Endeca search engine, SOLR search engine, third-party search tools integrated into the site and we got much more tools for this. So let’s discuss something about the SOLR feature which is used as a popular one in the WCS sites.

The search interface is mainly meant for retrieving information related to CatEntries. Here in the WCS sites as we know that Apache SOLR search engine is being used as a search tool, the below-mentioned functionalities are being provided with the search tool,

  • Gives a feature to enable auto-suggestions for a set of keywords, which makes customers feel easy to select the search keyword from the list.
  • Auto-suggested menus for keywords, brands, and categories.
  • Spell corrections if any during the search.

Apache Solr is being used as a data store, in order to make it useful for catalog filtering and product display pages to browse for the related products and this Solr based searching has got some benefits as mentioned below,

  • it would be faster and safe than using the DB for fetching the data again and again which makes the deliverables performance more efficient.
  • this can run on servers other than the WCS, which helps to balance the workload.

When a shopper uses the search feature then the store enhances by giving the results, by showing all the categories and products on the result form and it can also include the subcategories also in the results. this, in turn, will increase the store search performance and accuracy of the search results will be achieved.

The Websphere Commerce framework helps us with some of the additional capabilities which are mentioned below as well,

  • Search based merchandising rules
  • search term associations.

In WCS there is a BOD framework where we got Catalog navigation noun which will be used with storefront catalog service is known as CatalogNavigationView. this noun gives the response of a catalog browsing request. this contains a list of subproducts, called catalogEntryView, and a list of subcategories, called catalogGroupView.

Customers can navigate the storefront catalog in the following ways:

  • Category-based navigation.
  • facet navigation.
  • Quick search.

Still to be continuing in the coming posts…..!

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