Websphere Commerce Promotions

Here in this post we will be discussing the promotions concept and following will be the promotion tables,

Promotion related Tables:

  • CLCDPROMO – this table stores data related to the relationship between the promotion framework and the calculation framework. This table is connected to PX_PROMOTION table with a PX_PROMOTION_ID as the foreign key. Also, CALCODE table is connected to this table.
  • PX_PROMOTION – in this table we can assign the priority levels for the created or else the existing promotion. it also has a STATUS column which allows us to make the promotion as active or inactive.
    • 0-inactive
    • 1-active
    • 2-marked for deletion
    • 3-suspend
    • 4-obsolete
    • 5-activating
    • 6-archived
  • CALCODE – this table represents the calculation framework determining the monetary amount associated with the orderItems. this calculation framework is used to calculate the shipping charges, discounts associated to the catEntry, sales tax, shipping tax. the calculation framework is always related to store level and the storeEntity is connected to this.
  • CATENCALCD – this table relates the calculation attached to the particular catEntry. also, it’s attached to the catalog entry’s PRODUCT_ITEM for the specified store.

We can stop the created Promotions anytime, how?

  • in the instance level, we need to locate the file “wc-server.xml” in this file we need to change some code level changes mentioned below,
    • RLPromotionComponentConfiguration set to -“false”
    • Component enabled =”false” name = “RulesBasedDiscount”
    • Clean the promotion registry.
    • RulesBasedDiscount – false.
  • Table level stop promotion in the mentioned table – PX_PROMOTION/CALCODE.
  • Also, we can achieve this task on the command level and .jsp level by customising the code for it.

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