Offer Data-model & Price selection in Websphere Commerce

Here in this post, we will be discussing in detail about how the price selection made by WCS and that too as the correct price of the item from OFFER table.

The offer to sell a product identified by the CatEntry is represented in each row of this OFFER table.

Offers related to the CatEntries are being stored in this OFFER database table. with Offer_id as the primary key for this DB table. Websphere Commerce uses specific criteria to find the valid offers for that CatEntries from this OFFER table and then Select the Correct Price to show-up on our site.

To make the price for CatEntry, WC should determine the valid offers for the applicable price list, to make this valid we need to check certain valid steps according to the content present in the OFFER table:

  • The CatEntry quantity being purchased should be within the MINIMUMQUANTITY and MAXIMUMQUANTITY values for that offer.
  • The offer that we wanted to show must be published and this can be checked from the column PUBLISHED value must be 1.
  • The purchase date of that specific CatEntry and the associated Offer must be within the defined STARDATE and ENDDATE values for the offer.

Now if we are loading the Prices using the Dataload utility or through SQL scripts then there may be a chance of more that one valid offer for a CatEntry so at this point, WC selects the price using the Offer that has the highest value and this can be picked from PRECEDENCE column of the OFFER table. And if the scenario is like the highest value has got a clash then the WC will be pointing to the lowest price to be used to show-up.

Offers Data-Model


Offers Data model

Ref : IBM infocenter



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