Integration of Jadclipse with RAD

  • Download JAD from the below mentioned links
  • Once you are donw with the download just¬†unzip the file to C:\jad folder.
  • Now¬†Download jadclipse jar file from the below mention link
  • Once you are done with the downloading,Copy the jadclipse jar file to the eclipse plugins folder
    • C:\IBM\SDP\plugins
  • Now once the above steps are done then we need to restart the RAD.
  • Open RAD, Navigate to
    • Window > Preferences > General > Editors > File Associations -> Associate *.class file type to JadClipse Class File Viewer and make JadClipse


  • Now go into this below location and do the following changes to call the jad exe file to get the classes accessed
    • Window > Preferences > Java > JadClipse – > Set Path to Decompiler to C:\jad\jad.exe.


  • At the final step now we need to restart the RAD to get the changes reflected.

Note : please note that the folder structure might change based on your installation location.

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