e-Spots and c-Spots

eSpots(e-Marketing Spots)

ESpots are specific defined areas on a JSP page whose content can be dynamically configured based on rules. eSpots reserve space on your store pages in which content displays. Use for marketing activity. Add email activity (send promotional mail’s for selected group in specified time), web activity(start,end date,priority,status).

For calling e-marketing spot use below jsp


< c : import url="${jspStoreDir}include/eMarketingSpotDisplay.jsp">
< / c:import>


c-Spots (Content Spot)

-atleast one content is mandatory –

-can be scheduled with start/end date

-call the content spot name in jsp to display the attached content

For calling c-spot use below jsp

< c:import url="../Snippets/Marketing/Content/ContentSpotDisplay.jsp">
< c: param name="spotName" value="mycontent1" />
< c:param name="substitutionValues" value="{spotname},${spotName}"/>
< c:param name="substitutionValues" value="{myname},${name}"/>
< c:param name="substitutionValues" value="{myid},${id}"/>
< c:param name="substitutionValues" value="{mycomment},${comment}"/>
< / c:import>



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