Design Patterns in WCS

Hi, folks let’s discuss something related to Design patterns implemented at the time of development of the Business logic, wherein we have some many design patterns but those all needs to be adhere to the parent design patterns listed below.

  • Command design pattern
    • In this pattern,we will be mainly concentrating on the translation of the request which the server receives to a single common format to get the application execute the request for this we will be concentrating on the controller layer, once the requests are in the common format then they can be understood by the controller commands present in the WCS.
  • Model-View-Controller design pattern
    • In this specific design pattern, we will are designing the Application saying that the application will be consisting of a data model,presentation information, and control logic, and these logics are separated by creating the individual objects related to the business implementations
  • Display design pattern
    • the name itself suggests that we are gonna design the logic in the form JSP’s wherein the display pages will be returning the response to the client.

We will be discussing the above concepts in a detailed manner in the upcoming posts in a later course of time.

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