Android world with some basic concepts

Hi Friends let’s get some new topics discussed in the coming time regarding the Android programming and under this topic lemme clear the topics which we will be covering in the coming time like mentioned below topic-wise

This week’s topics:

  • Introductions
  • Overview of Android Studio
  • Intro to a sample Android App
  • Review XML
  • Review JAVA: classes, methods, variables, collections, polymorphism
  • Install Java
  • Install Android Studio
  • Fine tune environment
  • Make a sample app
  • Mod text and add an image
  • Some review lab sessions with samples covered on the above-mentioned topics.

let’s make one thing clear that we will not be spoon fed on the above topics so let’s plan some basic topics to start this if anything needs to be discussed lets’ cover using the comments section so that every doubt will be cleared with supporting links available in the “www” world and that helps us to make us perfect up to some extent.

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