Access Control Policy – Disable

Hi Folks lets discuss a basic shortcut for getting the access control check gets skipped when we are doing the code testing at the time of development stage and testing your code instead of reloading the ACPolicies. Let’s get into the concept now,

Steps to get the ACPolicies disabled:

  • Open the wc-server.xml file which you will be getting in the below mentioned folder path:
    • WCDE_ENT70\workspace\WC\xml\config\wc-server.xml
  • Under this file search for the tag named “<instsance” and immediately under this tag update the following line of code
    • AccessControlUnitTest=”true”
  • With this update of the code we will be now able to skip the acp checking and its not needed to run the ACPolicies updating steps each everytime.
  • Once you are done editing the code save the wc-server.xml file and restart the server to the code updated.

with this updating of the .xml file now we will not be having the trouble of getting the error like ” User doesn’t have access to execute this command/view”

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